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The new revolution in high-tech digital info contributes enormously to the new wave in cheating: online term-paper mills sell formatted reports on practically any topic; services exist to prepare any kind of homework or take online tests for students, despite the fact that this phenomenon, and these websites, are well known to educators, forum gratuit unghii tehnice and camera phones are used to send pictures of tests; MP3 players can hold digitalized notes; graphing calculators store formulas to solve math problems.

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ハワイ旅行に行った時に、ハワイでレンタカーを借りようと思って、いいレンタカーがないか探していました。 そこで、ネット調べ

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海外旅行予約の「エクスペディア」のサイトを見ていると、行こう!JCBと世界へキャンペーン2012 第2弾という紹介をして

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